Our Eastern White Cedar and Western Red Cedar  are of the highest quality – it is charred, brushed, died and then sealed to enhance its natural beauty. Our extensive line of finishes includes a large variety of colours and characteristics for interior and exterior applications.

We specialize in meeting the needs of architects, designers and contractors, and providing superior service and guidance in developing your specifications. Each plank is a work of art chosen to inhabit your project’s goals: aesthetic, performance and sustainability.

Email: guillaume@espace-bois.ca

Tel.: 418 866-1021  (Guillaume Ouellet)


We manufacture high-end charred wood and oiled cedar planks for wall covering, both indoor and outdoor, for the global real estate market.


Ecological and Social Engagement

We value the use of local natural resources to stimulate our economy as much as possible. We also strive to minimize our carbon footprint by opting for ecological practices and products. Furthermore, we make sure that we participate in community life by opening our doors and working opportunities to people with personal difficulties.

Customer Satisfaction

The reputation and strength of our company depend on our customers’ satisfaction. Without them, the company has no reason to be nor the means to exist. We are therefore committed to deliver a product of excellent quality and first-class services, while honoring our shipping engagements. By doing so, we can be proud of our products and the work we do.

Continuous Improvement

Our company focuses on action and technical support. Our quest for excellence and improvement means that we aim to surpass our customers’ expectations while always following the strictest norms in terms of quality and professionalism. To reach this goal, we encourage our team members to keep learning and strive for continuous improvement. Development is at the heart of CAYAKI’s DNA.

Team Work

We strongly believe in the importance of participation and collaboration of all our employees and have put structures in place that encourage exchanges which, in turn, guarantee that the best work practices are implemented to reach excellence.


To create and maintain a work environment which fosters well-being, it is essential to treat our colleagues and customers with the greatest respect and equity, while remaining attentive to their needs. Diversity is a beautiful asset that we must, every day, nurture with respect and mutual aid.