Charred wood is a living product depending on the chosen finish, the colour will fade differently over time. The fiber ages beautifully and like a masterpiece, it develops a singular patina. You can either let the wood grain naturally acquire its ecological patina or oil the cladding when you judge fit. These images are just to give you a glimpse of the possibilities.

Products with an aging agent (Cape Cod, Saint-Germain) evolve more evenly over time and age more slowly than other products because of this agent, which gives their finish a nice stability. The aging agent causes the wood to gray prematurely, but has no effect on the strength and properties of the wood. The agent gives the wood finish that grayish appearance that will change very little over time regardless of the orientation of the wall on which the cladding is mounted.

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Applicationinterior & exterior
SpeciesEastern White Cedar 
Finishcharred, brushed, dyed and sealed 

Applicationinterior & exterior
SpeciesEastern White Cedar/Western Red Cedar
Profile: V joint (Western Red Cedar)
Finishcharred, brushed, dyed and sealed, with aging agent.


Durability – The phenols and thujaplicin naturally present in Cedar repel insects, act as a fungicide, prevent rot and even water infiltration. These properties increase its durability.

Stability – Unlike other softwoods, Cedar is very stable, which means that it is less likely than other species to twist, crack or warp. The final product’s shape will therefore remain intact for decades.

Warranty & Installation Guide

We work exclusively with Cedar, which in itself is a guarantee that you’ll be worry-free for 25 years or more against wood rot. The products we offer are maintenance-free, but you can choose to treat your wood cladding with oils to keep its original colour. In fact, some of our clients find that the wood’s natural ageing process is in line with their environmental values. Others who prefer their cladding to remain as close as possible to its original colour can, after a soft water brushing (no sanding), apply another coat of natural oil with UV protection, on an as-needed basis (we recommend every 5 years). Take a look at our installation guides to know how to make the best use of our cladding.

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